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CC-302T is a concentrated version of CLAPROTEK CF and is the most active liquid KCl (potassium chloride) substitute product available on the market. CC-302T offers superior performance and minimizes chemical handling requirements. The use of CC-302T “on the fly” eliminates premixing and leftover saltwater disposal problems. Because CC-302T is non-surface active, it does not effect formation wettability or cause emulsions. It is a very effective

temporary stabilizer for the smectite, illite and mixed layer clay minerals that are encountered in many hydrocarbon reservoirs. Like CLAPROTEK CF it is environmentally safe and chloride free. Toxicity tests conducted by an independent laboratory showed CC-302T to be toxicologically safe. It has a low potential to accumulate in the membranes of biological organisms and was readily biodegradable in seawater.


Form: Liquid Chemical
Family: Quat. Amine Salt
Color: Clear, dark green
Solubility: Water, acid, brine
Odor: Slight Amine
Wt. per Gal.: 9.61 lbs.
Charge: Cationic
Flash Point: None


Recommended loading is 0.25-2.5 gal/Mgal fresh water, depending on the mineralogy of the formation. CC-302T can be run on the fly or batch mixed.


When CC-302T contacts an acidic material, a rapid neutralization reaction occurs liberating carbon dioxide (CO2) gas. Hoses used to transfer CC-302T

and storage tanks should be flushed with water if they have been in contact with an acid. CC-302T is compatible with all known water based frac fluids,

cross-linkers and breakers.


Keep drum tightly sealed to avoid contamination. Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothing. Recommend use of splash goggles and rubber gloves.

Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for handling and hazard data.


CC-302T is available in 55 gal. poly drums, 330 gal. bulk tanks, or bulk transport loads.

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