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CSM-50 is a highly active version of CSM-38. It pro-vides the same long lasting protection against formation damage caused by clay swelling and/or migration and minimizes chemical handling requirements.


Form: Liquid
Chemical Family: Polyquat. Amine
Color: Clear, colorless
Solubility: Water, brines, and acids
Odor: Ammonia
Wt. per Gal.: 8.60 lbs.
Charge Cationic
Flash Point: None


The amount of CSM-50 required for a given treatment is dependent on the percent clay present in the formation, formation porosity, and desired penetration from the well-bore.

The following recommendations may serve as useful guidelines:

Any strength HCl or HCl/HF acid: 0.5-5.0 gal/Mgal

Fracturing Pre-pad: 2-7 gal/Mgal

Uncross-linked Frac Gel: 2-7 gal/Mgal


CSM-50 is strongly cationic. It is compatible with other cation-ic and nonionic additives. It is not compatible with anionic ma-terials. If it is necessary to use with an anionic additive a good mutual solvent can be used to provide compatibility, however, testing is strongly recommended to confirm this strategy.


Keep drum tightly sealed to prevent evaporation and contamination. Use only with adequate ventilation. May cause eye, skin and respiratory tract irritation by contact. Do not breathe vapors, especially in a confined area. Recommend use of chemical splash goggles and rubber gloves during handling. Refer to the Material Safety Da-ta Sheet (MSDS) for handling and hazard data.


CSM-50 is available in 55 gal. poly drums, 330 gal. bulk tanks, or bulk transport loads.