Liquid Enzyme Breaker, Combination Drilling

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LEB-CD is an enzyme based breaker for mud systems using guar gum and starch for viscosity and fluid loss. The liquid formulation is freeze-proofed and stabilized for extended shelf life.


Package: 1 gallon plastic bottles, 4 per case
Appearance: Light tan liquid
Density: Approximately 9.5 lb per gallon
Temperature Stability: Freeze proofed to -20ºF
Storage: Room Temperature or lower
Use Rate: For 2 hour viscosity break

use 0.5 to 1 gallon per barrel

Optimal pH: 5 to 7


Add LEB-CD to the drilling fluid on completion. Add the product evenly throughout the entire volume of fluid. LEB-CD may be pre-diluted for ease of use. Circulate the fluid with LEB-CD in order to assure good contact with all fluid and with the wall cake in the bore. Close in the bore for at least 24 hours for best break of materials at the wall.


Please refer the to MSDS for safety considerations.


Store in cool dry place away from heat sources or direct sunlight. Ideal storage is under refrigeration.