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LEB-H™ is a high pH stable enzyme breaker. LEB-H™ is the breaker of choice for fluids having a pH”

of 6.0 or higher. Conventional enzyme breakers exhibit maximum enzyme activity at a pH of 5 to 6 and

are less than 50% active at pH 7. In contrast, LEB-H™ has maximum activity at pH 7-8 and greater than

80% activity at pH 10. This makes LEB-H™ ideally suited for the high pH of preserved biopolymer systems

and reactive systems that become alkaline in pH level. LEB-H™ is a freeze-proofed suspension

of active enzymes in carrier liquid.

LEB-H™ Physical Properties

Form: Liquid
Charge: NA
Color: Light brown
Chemical Family: Protein
Odor: Fermentation
Flash Point: None
Solubility: Water, brine
Wt. per Gal: 9.0 lbs.


LEB-H™ is designed for use in borate crosslinked fracturing, Zero Valent Iron slurries, either injected or

in backfilled trenches. Rate of break depends upon dose, pH and temperature. The following guidelines

are used a general recommendations only and may vary with field conditions.

Hydraulic Fracturing with Borate Gel 0.5 to 1.5 pints per 1000 gallons
Trenches for 24 to 48 hour break 2.5 to 7.5 pints per 1000 gallons
Jet Grouting and Hydraulic Fracturing

(on the fly addition)

7.5 to 60 pints per 1000 gallons

LEB-H™ is a highly concentrated solution and to facilitate handling should always be diluted in fresh water prior to use.

Add 1 gallon LEB-H™ to 9 gallons of water.


LEB-H™ must not be blended with any other additive (except water) prior to use.


LEB-H™ should be stored in cool, dry location. Shelf-life is typically 1-2 years but can be extended by storing under refrigeration.

Keep all containers tightly closed. LEB-H™ is non-toxic and virtually harm-less. It may be irritating if contacted with the eyes.

It may irritate the skin of extremely sensitive individuals. Chemical splash goggles and impervious gloves are recommended

when handling LEB-4™. Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for more detailed information.


LEB-H™ is packaged in 1 gallon, 5 gallon, and 55 gallon containers.