Suspension Polymers

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Rantec GP Series blended polymers are designed for use in mud and slurry systems requiring the suspension of solids. Rantec GP Series products are compatible with barite, hematite and other common solids used to increase fluid unit weight. Specially chosen grades and types of polymers are utilized to produce exceptional rheology capable of producing supporting gel strength at low shear conditions.


The Rantec GP Series polymers provide a wide range of rheologies and a wide range of viscosities to suit many mud designs. Product type and dose should be chosen to provide adequate suspension of cuttings and to prevent barite sag, while optimizing viscosity for pumps and solids removal equipment. Suspension capability increases from GP-91 to GP-82 to GP 73.


GP Polymers require very low doses to produce workable drilling viscosity. The amount of dry product required is low, reducing the labor of handling large volumes of material. Viscosity of GP polymers in-creases exponentially with dose. Small changes in polymer content may be used to increase or decrease viscosity very efficiently. See product sheet linked above for GP product comparison and GP Series PV, YP, density comparisons.


GP polymers standard packaging is 50-lb multiwall paper bags stacked 40 per pallet. Other packaging options are available including plastic pails and 2000-lb totes.


Carefully read the MSDS sheet and post according to company policy and governmental regulations. GP series polymers are inherently safe when properly handled. These products should not be ingested in significant quantities. Products become extremely slippery when wet. The product should not be al-lowed to become airborne as it becomes a potential explosion hazard and respiration hazard. Use proper engineering controls to prevent suspended dust.